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At WePartner, we work alongside our investors to achieve three key goals - accumulate wealth, achieve financial freedom, and create a legacy for future generations through investing in real estate and empowering people and communities.

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WePartner primarily invests in three asset classes: retail, flex/light industrial, and build-to-rent residential homes. Since 2014, our team has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience in these niche markets, successfully acquiring and managing commercial properties and providing a stable cash flow and attractive long-term return for our investors.

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People make an organization; people create values; people make a place a home. At WePartner, we recognize that people make everything possible. Therefore, we focus on investing in and developing people, including our team, our vendors, our business partners, and, of course, investors. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with our people and advance together!

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We believe in healthy and flourishing communities that provide the best foundation enhanced by local businesses. WePartner has been passionate about building supportive and happy communities since its inception. Our WePartner philosophy motivates us to share and give back to the community and continue to invest and participate in various community developments. At the end of the day, WE, the people, rely on each other to survive and thrive!

For more information about WePartner, contact Mark Burns (Advisor, Capital Sourcing) directly at 470.521.3838

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