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5 Ways to Make Your Business More Physically Attractive

Making your business attractive is about more than selling a product or providing a service that people want. Whether you’re an office that has few visitors or a store that welcomes customers every day, what you look like matters. Need some ideas to make your business more attractive? WePartner has you covered! Here are some ideas that will help your business look more attractive for both your employees and customers.

If you’re in an office, check out the hottest office trends of 2019. One of the trendiest designs right now is combining old and new elements into your office. Find an office space in a building with history, keeping the bones of the structure while updating the space to your needs. Or bring antique pieces into your new office building. Antique furniture pieces also give your employees flexible seating options, so they’re not stuck in the same chair behind the same desk all day every day, and makes your space look less like a traditional office, which is very attractive. WePartner suggests furniture as one of the best ways to customize a space because you can take furniture with you when you expand into bigger offices.

Another way to keep your office attractive, modern, and fresh is color blocking. Color blocking is popular in fashion as the pairing of colors that traditionally clash, such as blue with yellow, and can be applied to your walls in a variety of ways. This is perfect if you’re renting your space from a property management company like WePartner that wants to encourage your creativity and help you grow while maintaining the original structure of the property. Color blocking is bold, visually stimulating, and gives you the opportunity to color-coordinate different areas of your office, so new employees and visitors can easily learn their way around.

WePartner understands that you want to stand out, not fit in, and another attractive option is to decorate with graffiti. There are local street artists here in Atlanta that can make your business look unique while maintaining the structural integrity of the building you’re in. But don’t just support local artists-- if you depend on customers coming into a physical location, get them involved. Tell your customers that they are welcome to write and draw on the walls. Their comments and pictures can double as free reviews and artwork. Sticky notes are also a fun, less permanent option.

But there’s no point to all of this attractive color and art if your customers can’t see it. That’s why WePartner rents multiple spaces with natural lighting. If you’re already in a building that doesn’t offer much natural lighting and can’t change the structure of the building to fit your needs, we suggest finding sleek bulbs that mimic natural lighting until you can move into a building with more natural lighting. Contact us if you want to move to a more attractive space with better natural lighting.

Lastly, whether your business sees customers every day or not, try to get rid of clutter and be minimalistic. Minimalism doesn’t mean that everything has to be white and you can’t have any decorations, but you should stay within a color scheme and avoid overdecorating. A clear workspace means a clear state of mind for your employees and insures that your customers will see what’s actually important instead of clutter. Less really can be more!

WePartner knows that you’re doing your best to run a successful business, but no one can be successful alone. That's why we've provided a few ideas on making your business a more welcoming place for customers.With our locations around the metro Atlanta area, we are sure to find a spot for you. WePartner is not just our name, it is who we are: we partner with you as you grow and expand your business.


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